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The Office of Research Program Management


The Office of Research Program Management (ORPM) provides project management services to projects both here at West Virginia University and throughout the United States. The Office of Research Program Management works with a variety of partners spread across the United States.

Below, you’ll find links to some of those partners. Please click on the logos to visit their websites.

FBI Biometric Center of Excellence


The FBI’s Biometric Center of Excellence—located in Clarksburg, West Virginia—is the FBI’s program for exploring and advancing the use of new and enhanced biometric technologies and capabilities for integration into operations. Every day, the BCOE strives to deliver state-of-the-art biometric tools and technologies to law enforcement and intelligence personnel working in communities around the world.

Institute for Fraud Prevention


The Institute for Fraud Prevention (IFP), housed at West Virginia University, is an industry/university cooperative research center dedicated to multi-disciplinary research, education and prevention of financial fraud and corruption. The IFP’s primary mission is to improve the ability of business and government to combat these crimes and to educate the general public on effective methods of recognizing and deterring them.

Joint Interagency Training Education Center


The Joint Interagency Training Education Center (JITEC) and West Virginia University are offering FEMA approved first responder training with its collaborative partners; the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the West Virginia Army National Guard. This important and unparalleled training is available to first responders, military and collaborating groups throughout North America.