Defense Industry Supply Chain Mapping Project

The Defense Industry Supply Chain Mapping Project of WV strives to discover information and create links between resources that will serve defense manufacturers and our communities in limiting the impact of defense-related spending cuts by identifying new opportunities for economic diversification. The State expects this effort and its resulting deliverables to inform, strengthen, and support local adjustment and diversification initiatives and to strengthen economic growth. The ORPM supports the project through budget coordination, scheduling and facilitating stakeholder meetings, execution, and assessing progress.

FBI Programs, Research and Standards Unit

Since 2008, West Virginia University (WVU) is the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s lead academic partner in biometrics research. The ORPM serves as the liaison to the academic research community for the FBI’s Programs Research and Standards Unit (PRSU) and currently manages 15 biometric research projects from 8 different universities throughout the country.


(Manufacturing Value Stream for Shale)

The MAVS project focuses on revamping areas negatively affected by the decline of coal. The goal is to stimulate economic growth through working within these areas to create upstream and downstream supply chains for the Shale Gas industry. The ORPM provides management guidance and education to public and private organizations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia in an effort to build capacity.


(Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Hepatitis-C Real Options)

The PCORI HERO Project is an eight-site research project based out of New York City's Montefiore Hospital. The project is researching Hepatitis-C among injection drug users. WVU, one of the eight-sites, is currently recruiting out of Monongalia County, as well as all of the counties that border it: West Virginia's Wetzel, Marion, Taylor, Preston, and Pennsylvania's Greene and Fayette. The ORPM provides internal administrative supervision, as well as internal and external project coordination, to the PCORI HERO Research Project.