The Office of Research Program Management (ORPM) provides project management services to projects both here at West Virginia University and throughout the United States. The ORPM works with a variety of partners to deliver expertise in all aspects of project management, helping to facilitate groundbreaking research in a number of fields including national security, criminal justice, energy, health care, environmental science, education, and astronomy.


The ORPM strives to establish the capability of sustaining a cadre of project management professionals geared to a diversity of level and type of support that scales to the needs of each and every unique project we manage.


Office of Research Program Management (ORPM) exists to assist West Virginia University faculty and administration by performing highly effective project management of large, complex, mission critical university projects.

Project Management

At its maximum benefit, project management is highly collaborative and solution driven to plan and execute successfully across an environment often consisting of multiple stakeholders, each with their own complex organizational structure. Our highly trained and skilled professional staff can successfully assist faculty throughout the entire life cycle of their research endeavors including: