Monitoring and Controlling

Communications Plan

The bedrock of any successful project is communication. We work from the outset of each project to promote the sort of effective and personal communication that helps projects to thrive. We do this in various ways:For every project, we create a communication plan that documents the ways in which formal communication will flow between the project’s sponsors and the project participants. This can often mean outlining reporting guidelines as necessitated by sponsor need. We pay specific attention to the frequency and detail that sponsors require. This ongoing communication keeps the sponsor informed and clarifies if expectations have been met. The communication plan also documents the project team communication flow necessary to keep the team informed on project status and emergent challenges for with specific reliance upon meetings (both in person and via teleconference) designed to generate working solutions that can be quickly implemented. Project Managers also outline formal change management, with specific attention paid to the mechanisms by which projects are formally altered to reflect evolving realities. Whether it means increasing or decreasing a project’s scope, re-allocating resources, or other, simpler requests. Communication includes the dissemination of any documents that have been updated to the sponsor and all the team members who will be impacted by the update or change.