Project Closeout

An effective project closeout can ensure that not only the current project ends successfully but that project team will be even more effective in future projects. The project closeout will provide the proper documentation to ensure that each stakeholder adhered to their responsibilities laid out during the project kickoff. Project closeout also allows for retrospective thinking concerning how the project process played out. Strengths and weaknesses will be identified in lessons learned and a plan on how to improve will be laid out for use in future work.

Formal Closeout

  • • Ensure that project contract is formally closed through the WVU Office of Sponsored Programs


  • Ensure all outstanding deliverables are submitted to sponsor per their specifications
  • Document sponsor approval of delivered products

Outstanding Issues

  • Assists in solving lingering issues that would effect a successful closing of the project

Final Report

  • Assist in assuring report is done to sponsor specifications
  • Assist in gathering necessary components from research partners within the necessary time frame
  • If applicable, write the management section that outlines all project management tasks that were completed during duration of the project.

Closeout Meeting

  • Schedule and host meeting that will include all pertinent stakeholders
  • Final presentation of technical processes and findings
  • Sponsor Feedback
  • Return on Investment-How did the project benefit the mission and goals of our sponsoring organization

Lessons Learned

  • Outline things that were successful
  • Outline things that need improvement
  • Development plan for the team to be used in future projects that will accentuate the strengths and improve the weaknesses